Tretinoin Gel Generic Retin-A – 0.1%

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Generic Retin-A Gel Micro .01% (tretinoin gel) is a time-released form of tretinoin. The active ingredient tretinoin is enclosed in microspheres that slow the release of the skin renewing, acne fighting power of this prescription retinoid. Tretinoin gel is ideal for people who want the same benefits of Retin-A (tretinoin) cream but have sensitive skin.

Save Money with Generic Retin-A Micro Gel

Generic Retin-A Micro Gel .01% might be a great alternative to tretinoin cream if you have sensitive skin. The gel form contains all of the anti-aging, acne fighting power of tretinoin, only it is time released, which can cause less skin irritation. The reason? Tretinoin gel is “protected” by microspheres that slow the release of this retinoid, also known as all-trans retinoic acid (ATA).

Tretinoin cream is the pure form of retinoic acid, the same Vitamin A derivative that the skin synthesizes from Vitamin A. Since tretinoin cream is ready for the body to use immediately, it is absorbed into the skin quickly. In fact, since the absorption is so fast, it is advised to apply tretinoin cream 20 minutes after washing your face. This prevents the presence of water on damp skin from increasing the speed of absorption even more. On the other hand, since tretinoin gel is “protected” by microspheres and released gradually it can be applied topically without the 20-minute wait required with tretinoin cream.

What is Tretinoin Gel?

This generic version of Retin-A Micro Gel provides the same benefits as the brand name but at a lower cost. Tretinoin is the active ingredient in Retin-A cream and Retin-A Micro Gel so you can expect the same anti-aging and acne clearing results.

Tretinoin (Generic Retin A) boosts skin renewal, helps retains skin collagen and aids in the production of the protein elastin. Both collagen and elastin keep the skin firm and prevent sagging. Elastin, as the name indicates, gives skin its elasticity enabling skin to “bounce back” rather than sag or wrinkle after moving or experiencing long periods of pressure (picture your face against the pillowcase all night).

Benefits of Tretinoin Gel (generic Retin-A Gel Micro)

  • Great for sensitive skin that may benefit from the slower release of tretinoin’s powerful exfoliation and skin renewal
  • Ideal for someone who may be “graduating” from OTC retinol creams to the prescription retinoid, tretinoin
  • Some acne conditions may benefit from a slower, longer lasting medication delivery
  • Tretinoin gel can be applied to the face immediately after washing your face without waiting 20 minutes as is required with tretinoin cream

To ensure that we provide you with the best price, we may substitute one generic for another.

How to use: Apply at bedtime and wear sunscreen when exposed to sun. Before applying, wash your face and wait at least 20 minutes for your face to dry. Wash your hands thoroughly and apply a pea size amount of the cream. Gently smooth on your face until it disappears. Do not rub into your face and avoid getting in eyes and mouth. Wash hands immediately after applying.

Use tretinoin regularly as directed by your dermatologist/physician.

Brand names for tretinoin include Retin-A and Renova.

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