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Testosterone Enanthate 5mL 200mg/mL


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  • Prescribed to treat low testosterone in men due to hypogonadism
  • Prescribed to treat metastatic breast cancer in women

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Please note: This product can only be shipped to Florida and Ohio.

Raise Your Testosterone in as Little As 24 Hours

Testosterone enanthate is an ester and testosterone prodrug, which means it stimulates the body to produce testosterone. It is not testosterone.

Testosterone enanthate may gradually increase testosterone production and help stabilize it once the desired hormonal level is reached.

Symptoms of Low T in men include decreased muscle mass, sexual dysfunction, infertility and depression.

Testosterone enanthate is prescribed to treat low testosterone in men due to hypogonadism, metastatic breast cancer treatment in women and off-label for transgender change in men.


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