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Rectal Rocket Hemorrhoid Treatment

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A suppository like none other, the unique and comfortable Rectal Rocket:

  • Heals hemorrhoids in 72 hours*
  • Resists falling out
  • Won’t get lost in your rectum
  • Extended-release of Rx ingredients
  • Not messy like regular hemorrhoid creams

Common 30-Day Supply: 6

Put Out the Flame On Internal & External Hemorrhoids in 72 Hours*

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, you need a treatment that relieves pain fast and is easy to use. If ignored, hemorrhoids can lead to more serious conditions, so seek treatment now. Hemorrhoids can also be a sign of a heart condition. Talk to your physician to get the right treatment for you.

Rectal Rocket’s custom-blended prescription ingredients heal hemorrhoids within three days!

What Is The Rectal Rocket?

The Rectal Rocket is a custom blend of analgesic and anti-inflammatory ingredients that are FDA-approved to treat hemorrhoids. It’s designed with a small tip for easy insertion and a wider base to prevent it from falling out or getting lost in your rectum.

Rectal Rocket Benefits

  • Customized treatment just for you
  • Fast, localized relief
  • Comfortable shape
  • Resists falling out
  • Won’t get lost in your rectum
  • Extended-release of Rx ingredients
  • Can heal hemorrhoids in 72 hours*
  • Not messy like regular hemorrhoid creams


Rectal Rocket vs Other Hemorrhoid Treatments
Options Messy Painful In-Office Treatment Multiple Applications Fast Relief
Rectal Rocket No No No No Yes
Regular Suppository No No No Yes No
Creams Yes No No Yes Yes
Rubber Band No Yes Yes No No


Do Hemorrhoids Go Away?

Hemorrhoids that are treated early may heal. Lidocaine and hydrocortisone, which are some of the active ingredients in the Rectal Rocket, are effective in treating most hemorrhoids.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids?

One of the first signs of hemorrhoids is rectal bleeding. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins that swell inside the rectum and on the anus. Redness, palpable inflammation, burning sensation, itching, and painful bowel movement are common symptoms.

Why Do Hemorrhoids Develop?

Sitting for long hours are common causes of hemorrhoids. Pilots, bus drivers, truck drivers, forklift operators, receptionists are among those at risk. Other causes are constipation, straining while moving the bowels, frequent or chronic diarrhea, and/or a digestive issue. Although hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy. Most clear up after childbirth.1

What Is Compounded Medicine?

Compounded medications are made by experts who develop recipes specifically for each patient based on their medical condition and needs. They are prepared in small batches and do not require commercial fillers and preservatives that industrial pharmaceuticals require for a long shelf life. Custom-compounded medications may cost up to 50% to 75% less than commercial prescriptions.

GoodPill Rx’s expert compounding pharmacists create customized prescriptions from scratch using the same active ingredients found in commercially available prescriptions and obtains medications from FDA-approved sources.

Why Buy Compounded Medicine From GoodPill Rx?

With the benefit of personalized medicine at affordable prices, GoodPill Rx’s solutions provide relief for your mind as well as your body. Private, free shipping with the convenience of auto refills helps you stay healthy.


1 Staroselsky A, Nava-Ocampo AA, Vohra S, Koren G. Hemorrhoids in pregnancy. Can Fam Physician. 2008;54(2):189–190

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Please consult your physician before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program before using this or any products if you are pregnant or have a serious medical condition. This product is custom-made by expert compounding pharmacists.

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