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Estradiol Topical Cream

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Continuing your Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT) is easy when it is affordable and custom-made just for you. This compounded bioidentical estradiol cream is for topical use to supplement the body’s levels of estrogen as the body approaches menopause and especially post-menopause. Topical application is absorbed by the body quickly and bypasses the digestive system enhancing the bioavailability of the estrogen. .4% estradiol delivered in a 30 gram pump. We cannot offer this medication in Iowa

Made Just For You – Bioidentical Topical Estrogen Cream

Transdermal estradiol cream is an alternative to vaginal application. It is indicated for the treatment of menopause symptoms or to restore hormonal balance in women who may have other health conditions.

It works by replacing estrogen that the body becomes less capable of creating as women age. Noticeable decline usually begins during perimenopause, 8-10 years before menopause. The average age of ;menopause in the US is 51.

Postmenopause, estrogen production continues to decrease. Low estrogen in women is commonly associated with hot flashes, depression, brain fog, sexual dysfunction, vaginal dryness, and osteoporosis.

This custom-compounded cream is bioidentical to natural estradiol made in the body. It is made for topical application to the skin (transdermal).

What Is Bioidentical Estradiol?

All bioidentical hormones are molecular and structural matches to hormones made by the body. They are synthesized in a lab from diosgenin, a natural substance found in wild yams and soy.

Estradiol is the strongest of the three sex hormones called estrogens made in the body. The other two estrogens are estrone and estriol. Estrogens are responsible for female secondary sex characteristics, as well as the health and function of the female reproductive system.

Transdermal Estrogen vs Vaginal

Vaginal and topical estrogen creams bypass the digestive system which helps ensure that more of the active ingredient is available for use by the body. Topical and vaginal application work faster than oral estrogen. Their direct absorption into the body has been shown to have less impact on the body’s other organs.

Vaginal application of estradiol is ideal for treating vaginal dryness, thinning of the vaginal walls and pain during sex that often develop due to reduced estrogen.

Topical estradiol is absorbed through the skin and impacts systemic levels of estrogen but not to the degree of oral estrogen. It is typically available in higher dose formulas than vaginal estrogen cream. Topical estrogen creams are usually applied to the thighs and calves.

Estrogen Oral vs Estrogen Patches

ERT can also be administered orally. Even though oral estrogen passes through the digestive system where it loses some potency, it circulates through the entire body. It has a systemic effect, while vaginal or topical delivery are targeted.

Transdermal patches are the most direct and potent delivery form other than injection or sublingual administration.

Troches are a method of sublingual delivery. Troches are lozenges that dissolve beneath the tongue and directly absorbed into the bloodstream.

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This product is made by a GoodPill Rx partner, a 3rd party licensed, sterile compounding pharmacy.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Please consult your physician before starting any exercise or nutritional supplement program before using this or any products if you are pregnant or have a serious medical condition.

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