The CareStart COVID-19 Antigen test is available now, with two test kits. while supplies last, at GoodpillRx. Your test kit will include:

  • 2 Test Devices
  • Extraction Vial/Cap
  • Positive Control Swab
  • Negative Control Swab
  • Package Insert (Instructions for Use)
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If you are concerned you may have Covid-19, GoodpillRx is offering an affordable way for you to find out.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Add the test to your cart.
  2. The test kit will be shipped directly to your home.
  3. Follow instructions provided in the kit to obtain your sample. (Also available in the FAQ section below)
  4. Results will be displayed within 10 minutes.

*Please note, actual product may look different than the product image listed.

If you test positive, we can treat you via our COVID-19 telemedicine program with two-way video. Our US-certified pharmacy will quickly mail your prescription to your door.

GoodpillRx COVID-19 Online Medical Consult and medications are an additional cost and will vary based on the physician’s recommendation.


How Do I Take the Sample?

    1. Remove the swab from the pouch
    2. Insert the swab into one of your nostrils, about 1 inch.
    3. Slowly rotate the swab 5 times. Using the same swab, repeat in your other nostril.
    4. Slowly remove the swab from the nostril while rotating it.

How Do I Use the Test?

    1. Peel off the aluminum foil seal from the top of the extraction vial.
    2. Place the swab into the extraction vial. Rotate the swab vigorously at least 5 times.
    3. Remove the swab by rotating against the extraction vial while squeezing the sides of the vial to release the liquid from the swab. Properly discard of the swab.
    4. Close the vial with the provided cap and push firmly onto the vial.
    5. Mix thoroughly by flicking the bottom of the tube.
    6. Invert the extraction vial and hold the sample vertically above the sample well. Squeeze the vial gently. Allow three drops of sample to fall into the sample well. 2 drops of the sample are required to initiate the test run and invalid results will be obtained if 1 drop of sample is added to the cassette. Leakage of sample is possible when 6 or more of the sample are added.
    7. Start the timer. Read and interpret the test results at 10 minutes. The test results should not be read and interpreted after 15 minutes. A false positive, false negative, or invalid results may occur if the test is interpreted outside of the interpretation window.


How Do I Read the Results?

Positive: two distinct colored lines appear. One red-colored line net to “C” and one blue-colored line net to “T” indicates a positive COVID-19 result. NOTE: The color intensity in the test region will vary depending on the amount of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein antigen present in the sample. Any faint colored line(s) in the test region(s) should be considered positive.

Negative: One red-colored line only next to “C” indicates a negative result.

Invalid: If the red-colored line in the control region “C” is not visible, the result is invalid. Re-run the test one time using the remaining specimen in the extraction vial if an invalid result is obtained during initial testing.

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