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Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra (Generic)


10 Tablets

Hair Loss



15 Tablets

Birth Control



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Cold Sores



30 Tablets

High Cholesterol



30 Tablets

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Our medicines are priced low to make it affordable

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Have your doctor send your prescription to GoodpillRx or be seen by one of our doctors.


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Goodpillrx pharmacy is a Cloud Health Care Company offering telemedicine, custom-compounded prescriptions, thousands of manufactured medications, natural products and at-home lab testing.

No, we don’t take health insurance. We work to keep the cost of our generic medicines low so that it’s affordable, even without coverage. You may find our direct price cheaper than your copay in many instances.

Yes. You must have an active US prescription. When you place your order, you will let us know where to locate your prescription. If you don’t have a prescription we can connect you to our telehealth division to be seen by a US Physician in order to obtain a prescription.

Our medicines are all FDA-approved and sourced from generic drug companies based in the United States. We have built lasting relationships with companies committed to quality production standards. And each of our manufacturers strictly adheres to federal regulations.

You just pay for the price of your medicine. We’ll even ship it to you FREE with ground shipping! (See Shipping and Delivery for other shipping options)

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